“Narima Ing Pandum”

Which means accepting destiny with patience and humility in God’s hands. Example, each time I finished my musical gigs or my work, whenever expects to receive payment but just sincerely accepts what others give. (In my own emphashis)

Narima is a sense of ‘awareness’ are crucial. In the first place one needs to ‘rumangsa’ (be aware of/realize) my titah ‘destiny’. Which includes are expected to respect those in a higher position and be subservient to them. The latter, on the other hand, must also realize that their power and position actually belong to God. And therefore, they must be humble and strive, not to misuse them. Being a narima person is expected to be able to be aware of himself/herself (bisa rumangsa), and this also reflects humility. Rather than to be aware of his/her abilities (rumangsa bisa), which reflects pride.

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