Anonymous Letter

I know, I should have written before. Forgive me, but I got the feeling that you were beginning to think I didn’t exist. But I do, and I wanted to let you know that while I might be as elusive as a unicorn grazing in a field of four leaf clovers. I’m close, I’m around your social life, we made a little perky convos on chatbox, and we talk each other on the phone. But it’s not our time yet and I know you’re wondering why. It’s really not fair that you’ve had to wait this long, or go on blind dates, endure bad sex, settle for ‘meh’ relationships, feel misunderstood, cry from loneliness, wrap your arms around a pillow as you fall asleep at night. Clearly, I’m not my best self yet or even myself and I’m still figuring out who that is. I’m pretty sure even if we did meet, you wouldn’t like me all that much right now. It’s entirely possible that we did hit it off once, and I left without getting your information or maybe I did get your number and never called because of any one of the above reasons. Be patient with me, know that I’m working my way toward you, so don’t spend any more time thinking about where I am or am not. Just keep making your life exciting and full. So, when we do finally come together, we can bring each other joy, because we are already happy! I know it’s taking longer than you’d like, It’s a hell of a lot slower than I could have ever imagined, but you know that I’m here. This is me, I’m talking to you and I’m not going anywhere and I want you to don’t give up on me.

Yours in perpetuity, the love you haven’t met yet.


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