It Begins On My December


For a moment a feeling of helplessness swept over me.. Seriously, I can’t stand this indecision. Perhaps, you had better to see and understand me or make some convos ‘about me’. I need something ‘deeply’ to rest my pain, stressed out, and all about life that I can’t handle this out again. Last month (November), my doctor specialist of iridology told me that to be stricken with a violent pain in my stomach and enough to make me quite ill. Of course, it can’t be very serious, he claimed me that I can’t stand slightest pain. “Appendicitis”, this was the snap diagnosis that immediately flashed into my mind and him (the doctor). Lord, what should I do? How long has this been going on?

Then, I take a CT-scan gastrointestinal on my stomach on radiological laboratories and drink barium sulfate for the best result (November 20, 2015). And yes, the results are true, I can’t believe that I had a bad case of appendicitis. Meanwhile, I was still a lot of problems and  I’ve seen the problems It’s too risky. Dear all my friends, sorry if I don’t speak very well sometimes about my feeling, and now I’m being too introverted, or spent an entire conversation desperately grasping an interrupted thought that I didn’t get the chance to share like many introverts who struggle with verbal communication. You see, introvert person like me need more time to think before we speak. And now I’m not like extroverts, who are verbal processors. Unless we’re talking about a topic that we’re very knowledgeable and excited about, the words don’t come easily. Maybe I’m too dillema, not so bright again when I’m talking, or I don’t want to talk (so it’s ok to monopolize the conversation and interrupt us after even the slightest pause), and whatever you named it. I’m so sorry, and many thanks for your kind.


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