Settle Down (Age & Relationship) #randomthoughts

If you’re not very smart and kinda needy, the harder it’s to find love. If you’re smart pretty and successful you can’t find love. If you’re a psycho bitch you’re exciting and wild in the sack, but you can’t find love because…. you’re a psycho bitch (ups sorry). And if you’re perfect and everything a guy wants he doesn’t want you because you’re not exciting and wild in the sack like the psycho bitch! It boils down to this, “so many people were raised to ‘shop around’ before settling down”. Keyword: SETTLING, it almost sounds like you’re having to settle for the next best thing because what you want is out of your reach.

“With age, that magic fades. Life’s magic fades, too.”

Well.. i must say, I do find that line to be completely and utter nonsense, which compels me to throw his entire argument out the window since he bases it all on that. the way I see it, life seems to just get more magical the more we open our eyes to what is possible. Call me ignorant or naive or whatever, but I’ve never been more excited about what life can bring than I am now. The things people are doing with empathy, technology, and communication are setting us up for the most incredible periods in human history. What the heck, perhaps it’s so much ‘harder’ because we’re less and less tied to social constructs of what ‘love’ is and supposed to be and more and more open to what we it actually is? Not to mention, our pool is now the entire world rather than just our town. In any case, as far as I’m concerned, the moment you start to let the magic fade is the moment you allow yourself to begin dying. Being independence, like perfectionism are based on the ego. Most people jump into marriage thinking: he/she will make me happy instead of, I know I can make him/her happy. If we stop looking for the right person and focus on being the right person is going to be more effective. Yes, less easy, but more effective. the distance between our reality and our expectations is the precise measurement of our frustration. Independence doesn’t equate loneliness, people form relationships because they want to share a life together, while caring for each other. Romance can be taught, but you must continue to put forth the effort. Don’t give up hope as you age, get better! 😉

Respectfully yours with sincere gratitude,

Pamela Ingrida


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