When You Fall In Love With A Stranger (The Person Whom I Haven’t Meet Before)

Sometimes, there is such a meeting of minds, hearts, and souls that two people become intricately connected. Perhaps that person is the elusive soulmate. For some reason, though, life and distance intervene and you can’t meet. I think that you can have all the same feelings of missing someone whether or not you have actually been with them. The brain is a funny thing, it apparently lights up in the exact same way for an event as for the memory (or idea) of the same event. There is a special and rather beautiful word in Welsh: “hiraeth”, meaning (approximately) the yearning or longing for home. This missing is a yearning, longing to be with someone, to see them of course you can long and yearn to see someone you have never met, someone you have a sense of someone whose absence is felt even thought you have never known their presence.

Feelings often aren’t logical. I used to feel homesick, missing home, even when I was at home, perhaps because I never quite belonged and home never felt quite like home, but I still had an innate sense of hat it would feel like to be at home and I longed for that. Feelings aren’t the result of logical arguments, they just are, and your feeling is always real, and is always valid: “It is what it is”. A feeling can’t be a delusion. The thoughts that go with it, however can be. You have to admit to yourself that you do not know for sure that seeing this person would satisfy your sense of longing, it may not just as being at home didn’t satisfy my longing for home. Feel and respect your feelings but don’t pretend to yourself that your feelings give you a certainty about the way things are or will be in real life, but they don’t.

Hugs and virtual kisses,
Pamela Ingrida


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