Yes, It’s A Thang! I’m Making It A Thing! #randompost

This weekend is the start of summer and the 2nd-weeks of Ramadhan, I decided I should revisit those resolutions and maybe make a few new ones. Let’s start with how I did on the last batch of self-improvement quests: nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. So, yaaaas… I’m batting a thousand. In my defense, resolutions are garbage and I should stop making them. Just as soon as I get done with this list of resolutions of things I’m willing to settle for over the summer.

Four of my day-break resolutions were about making sure I watched TV shows. I’m not sure when TV went from being the lazy person’s entertainment to a cultured person’s obligation, but I’m done with it. I’m getting better at giving up on TV shows, and acknowledging that I’m just never going to get around to seeing that classic (Yeah, I haven’t seen The Tonight Show “Jimmy Fallon”. I’ll own that.) If I’m not actually enjoying something, it’s out. There’s entirely too much TV entertainment for me to feel guilty about not seeing Homeland (wooohoooo) through.

I’m in no way done with learning about and examining the ways in which our political system is fucked. Nor am I done supporting platform issues that I believe in *cough* Rp300k/hour minimum wage *cough*, but the day-to-day ins-and-outs of the election itself are finished for me. My candidate seems hellbent on destroying his reputation by going after a nomination he can’t win, the presumptive next President is someone who despite my best efforts I just can’t care about, and there’s a garbage fire burning uncontrollaby. These are all things I can’t fix by fixating on the gory details. So instead I’ll focus on my local elections and trying to fix the primary system more than once every five years.

So, I’m going to keep drinking wine just as much . True to what the commenters said on my latest post about PERMOHONAN MAAF RANGKAP SURAT TERBUKA PERIHAL KEJADIAN YANG ADA DI DALAM ETNOMUSIKOLOGI ISI YOGYAKARTA (FROM MY POINT OF VIEW), “how you drink is just as important as how much you drink”. Now I (mostly) drink wine and iced tea. Yes, that means no more whiskey or stouts, but somehow my asian body metabolizes those first two like water. Provided I’ve had a healthy dinner and enough water, I’m mostly functional the morning after. So… hello again my beloved O-pack. I’ve missed you :*

And last but not least, I’ll stop stressing about 99% of things. Basically, I’ve a summer To Do/Visit list that’s so manyyy items. I’ve got one list for all of the many books I never got around to reading, and another one for all of the movies I’ve never seen, etcetcetc. And basically all of those things each summer?

They. Never. Happen.

So as of right now, I’m officially settling. My arms are fine, I can play the piano with a whole chord in some sequences for accompanying my ability as ‘singer’, and I need to stop worrying about them! I can walk a few miles a day, and that’s good enough. I’ll check out that new restaurant if it’s convenient, but I’m not going to feel guilty if I hit up my favorite dive bar again. If some new place wants to become my favorite spot, then they’ll have to up their beer garden game or jamsession.

There used to be a time when summer was less about the “activities” you got done and more about just hanging out, let’s all do that again. I haven’t been wasting my summers by spending them with friends and family doing nothing, I’ve been wasting them by worrying about all the stuff I haven’t done. It’s bullshit, and it’s over. It’s time to say “fuck it” people, let the great settling begin! ❤


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