Profile Kit of “Pamela Ingrida”



Born in Jakarta, Indonesia (August 23, 1993) as Pamela Nedya Ingrida. Known as the artist ‘Pamela Ingrida‘ and now living in Bali, Indonesia. She is an Indonesian song-writer, vocalist, soloist grew from a family who is very interested in culture and art. She’s the daughter of ‘Nenny Angelia‘, an Indonesian Jazz/Progressive/Keroncong Singer/Musician in the era of 80’s. She moved from state to state in Surakarta, Special District of Yogyakarta, Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia), and Bali (the Island of Gods). The first carrier as Wedding Conceptor at Pamella Decoration & Nursery (2008 – present), Author of @perempuanjawa (2012 – present), Melodychanter & Tunesmith for Polythene A Memoria (her latest project) and many more projects. Pamela’s interest in music was nurtured from a young age in a family of musicians and artists. Her early musical interest led her to study classical music and pop jazz. Exposure to musical gigs introduced her to many songs on the Jazz repertoire, Pop, Rock, Psychedelic, Trip-Hop, and Blues. Pamela influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Nina Simone, Beth Gibbons, Karrin Allyson, Suzy Quatro, Amy Winehouse, Mariska Veres, Grace Slick, and some famous Indonesian Singers like January Christy, Ermy Kulit, Vina Panduwinata, Syaharani, Trie Utami and among others providing inspiration & deep connection to the music.

Career Objective:

Seeking the position as a singer to utilize my experience, talent and voice in an environment that provides career growth.

Summary of Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of interpreting music and text by using voice production, harmony and melody;
  • Ability to sing accurately by following musical notes and printed text;
  • Knowledge of generating new methods to present singing materials that keeps guests interested and involved;
  • Exciting, entertainer and dynamic performer;
  • Ability to sing songs in three major languages;
  • In-dept knowledge of playing different musical instruments, especially keyboard and synthesizer;
  • Possess excellent communication and organizational skills;
  • Ability to communicate musical instruments and concepts clearly.

Education and Certification Summary:

Professional Accomplishment:

Professional Experience:

Community Active:

Further Inquiries:



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